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Baby Mia - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little Mia was such a little delight, she snoozed her way into the studio, lounging comfortably in her dads arms as I talked through the start of the session. Most babies like to be swaddled for the first few weeks but Mia was so happy just lazing arms and legs out on her Dad.

In no time at all we had done their stunning family photos and it was on to Mia's big moment. The solo part of the shoot. Also known as "the moment parents relax because they are no longer in front of the camera"!

I do parent photos up first to get the hard stuff out of the way and let parents relax for the rest of the shoot without the dread of being in front of a camera looming over them. I also find that family and sibling photos are a priority for families and by getting them up first it takes the pressure off the session that even if baby unsettles, we got the main photos in early.

Not everyone likes being photographed (myself included actually!) but I always encourage families to have the photo taken on the day of the shoot because you don't have to select it in your final choices if you really don't want to. But the main reason to be photographed is for your children. Your children don't see all the niggly things you see when you look at a photo of yourself, they just see their mum or dad and how much they love them.

Mia had been wrapped to this point in the shoot and it was now that we started to unravel her. This is often when the shoot slows down a little because unwrapped babies are often less settled. But if you refer back up a couple of paragraphs, you will remember that Mia is totally relaxed anyway.

And so it was that she took out the title of "Shortest Newborn Session I Have Held" coming in at just on two hours from arrival to departure. Yep. She's a true professional model if ever there was one.

We kept her gallery clean toned, simple, relaxed and neutral and all of those elements contributed to that short session time as I was able to capture loads of images very quickly as she snoozed.

And that was it, she was done with a truly beautiful gallery of perfect images in record time. And she is welcome back any day she would like!!

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