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Baby Max - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I had been given a heads up that newborn Max was bringing big brother Blake with him, and Blake was not keen on having his photo taken so I steeled myself for some hard work engaging him.

While Max started the session with a little feed, Blake came into the studio for some photos. With his wariness in mind we started with Dad in the photos too and Blake was so happy giggling away with his Dad that he barely noticed when he moved out and Blake was on his own.


Blake turned out to be the perfect little model!

He was so great at playing the statue game and gave up his sweet little giggles pretty easily. It was great!

Max was soon ready for his turn in the spotlight so Blake headed off to play with the toys with Nanna and Max moved into the studio. Rugged up and snuggly he settled into his cuddles with Mum and then Dad very quickly. Blake shot back in for a quick family photo - possibly the quickest I have ever taken - and then sibling photos, again super quick, and that was his job done for the day!

With the tricky photos out of the way and Max in a lovely snoozy state we moved onto some more intricate setups. The request for hte day was mostly neutrals with some earthy tones included too.

I popped out to the garden and collected some fresh branches from our trees, laid them out on my wooden drop and included the lovely nest from David Lam Designs. It was perfect!

Little Max was like a "babe in the woods", a lovely deep serenity about the images.

Back to the soft neutrals I tried a start type setup next and it was really sweet too. Keeping with neutrals we moved to the beanbag and added in a few pops of colour here and there to add a little interest.

Last set of the day is always my signature setup, another neutral and one I personally made. I love these tones because they work well for all skin types and the babies are often really chilled out in the reclined position. When they are content we capture a few images of the set, and as Max was really content this was what we did, finishing with my signature "foot photo" in mums hands. I love how tiny the little feet are and how they make kind of a love heart shape in there.

And since he was so chilled out and Blake was back in the studio looking at what was going on, of course I sent him over to give his baby brother a kiss and a secret, which he idd in the most adorable way possible and we all exploded with "awwww!" throughout the room.

Argh, these boys <3 The best brothers ever, such sweet little boys and an absolute dream to photograph

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