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Baby Declan - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

As this family were unravelling from the car, I could hear a saxophone playing....

The saxophone followed us into the studio, it wasn't coming from the car at all.

It turned out it was on mum Denise's phone, and hold me so I dont swoon from nostalgia, it was Kenny G. I grew up in a house that played a lot of Kenny G and so I was instantly back in my youth, smelling the summer kiwi air with this music in the background.

Flash-forward to today and baby Declan, the cutest little man in his navy striped jumpsuit was a massive fan too.

Seriously, as soon as we would fuss we would crank up that saxophone music and Declan would settle so quickly. It was like his special kind of white noise.

We captured some amazing imagery of Denise when she was pregnant with Declan, and so it was only fitting to update some of these images in a before/after kind of theme.

I totally love these, firstly, the classic before and after baby photo of reflection and newborn baby:

Denise had also brought along a cute little bow and bunny to her maternity session so we included them into a set at the newborn session as well.

Family photos are always a high priority for me to capture at every newborn session, its often the first time you will see yourself as a family so it is such a special image to capture.

Now. Declan had been snoozing very happily most of the session. But..

It was time to unwrap him for some beanbag photos.

The room was hot.

Kenny G was pumping.

Declan was fast asleep with a full tummy.


Yep, we unwrapped him and it turned to custard. Luckily, with the help of my two amazing assistants (aka Declans parents) we were able to lull and shush and settle Declan into a sleep just long enough to capture the last few images for the his gallery and gosh they were worth it!

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