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Jasper and Coraline - North Brisbane Family Photographer

I was so excited to meet two year old Jasper and his big sister Coraline, they were coming to the studio for portraits and I love working with children in my studio space.

We decided to do three sets of different colours for their gallery. First up was a brown set and I had a beautiufl fluffy brown flokati on the floor. Coraline was having her hair done and so Jasper was first up in front of hte camera.

As we sat him onto the little set, he immediately jumped back off again, it seemed he was not keen on the feel of the flokati.

So a quick set change by removing the rug and just going with wooden board, but he was too interested in everything in the room and wouldn't stay put.

So I pulled out my trump card and brought in my vintage trike for some photos and BINGO! He was quite happy sitting on the trike, playing with the handle bars and pedals, giggling and smiling his brilliant smile!

Coraline came in next, quiet and sweet as a princess. She was so good at posing and listening to my directions to capture some beautiful images and her photos were clicked off in no time.

Next we brought Jasper back for some sibling photos, but the wiggles were strong in him and it made it hard to capture a sweet image together. So in stead we lay the kids down for a snuggle and a tickle and just like that we had some very sweet sibling photos.

The white background was next, and with all the light flooding around Coraline had a lovely twirly dance in the studio, then Jasper joined her but instead of dancing he was strutting his stuff and it was glorious!

Lastly we headed to the garden, just outside the studio. We have a beautiful large estate of gardens with purpose designed spots specifically created for photos at any time of the day. This means I can offer the unique photographic experience of a studio and outdoor session in the one location.

The kids loved the garden and their photos were clicked and finished in no time then it was off to enjoy the rest of the lovely weekend ahead!

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