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Baby Jesse - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

The first thing I noticed about little Jesse was that, well, he wasn't that little! He has delightfully chubby cheeks and the softest tufts of hair, a sweet button nose and eyes that look like they are talking in everything around him.

His doting parents had driven from the central coast NSW for this session and I felt under a bit of pressure to deliver for them!

With Jesse just under 6 weeks new we had a session lined up to capture all his lovely smiles and inquisitive looks, with the chance of a sleepy photo if he happened to drift off during the session.

We started with the family photos and they were so fun, little Jesse snuggling into his parents very happily.

I had just come back from a photography convention with some brand new props to try out and while some of hte newborn outfits were too small for Jesse I did get to use two of my new backdrops and a beautiful dress too. For his mum, not for Jesse!

They were so gracious to indulge me a test shoot on my new grey set, with mum wearing a pink dress that is not her colour of choice but trusting me when I promised that I could change it in photoshop to create the soft floaty blissful image I had envisioned for them.

I did a simple set of Jesse laid out on the beanbag, snuggled in with a couple of little teddy bears, and then amped the cuteness up by adding a little teddy bear bonnet to him as well!

The last set of hte day we did as an earthy toned one, some delicious chocolate browns that Jesse suited so well. It took a bit of work to get him into a soft sleep for this photo but it was all worth it when you see the finished result here.

With the session wrapped up and Jesse still sound asleep I put on some lunch for these travellers before they headed back to the city for the afternoon.

It was such an absolute honour to photograph this beautiful family and capture this very special time in their lives for them.

Congratulations again Suling and Ash on a delightful little boy and a very happy family. xx

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