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Martin Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

I love a winter sunset, and when we team it up with an awesome family like this one the result was always going to be epic!

That is the word I would use to describe this session - EPIC!

I loved so much about this family, 6 year old Ethan the pocket rocket who was itching to climb the trees and giggle, 10 year old Hannah who was scared of the sea worms in the mudflats and 11 year old Keenan who just went along with all my crazy ideas!

We met at Brighton beach, and it was so packed with cars! Being a beautiful winters evening with a low tide a lot of people had brought their dogs out for a run around on the mudflats. We kept away from them and headed to the parkland to start the session.

The family had a lovely wander through the golden lit trees, the kids enjoying the dancing and goofing around in the late afternoon sun. The way the dust was kicking up under their feet as they danced was just gorgeous and the kids certainly enjoyed making the most of that!


Next we headed to the beach and as we were walking in I noticed this awesome silhouetted archway in some trees. I sent the family in and captured the most amazing silhouette photo, I was literally on an adrenaline rush from how cool it came up right in camera! I raced over to them, bouncing and jumping with impatience to show off the awesome shot!

As we walked across the mudflats with the sun setting behind them Hannah started spotting the sea worms and trying to avoid them while her brothers were spotting sea worms and trying to pick them up!

Ever the knight in shining armour, her Dad gave her a piggy back so she didn't have to worry about the worms anymore, and I think she was happy with that!

We captured some stunning sunset photos, epic scenic shots and gorgeous loved up family photos too. It was such a perfect evening that the water was like a mirror so we used it to create some fun reflection shots, spelling out HAPPY and then relaxing into a more candid one looking to the sunset.

With the light dropped below he horizon and the air getting cool quickly, we headed back to the cars, sandy feet, exhilarated kids and their very sweet parents all buzzing about how much fun the photo shoot had been.

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