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Ellie raced up to me and said "Tag you're it!" then bolted back to her Dad a few meters away before I could tag her back!

I could tell right away this was going to be a fun, energetic shoot on a gorgeous winter afternoon.

"Do you like to play games Ellie?" I asked.

"Yes! I like tag and hide and seek!" she says back in her high pitched sweet little 3 year old voice. As she says "hide and seek" she crouches down and hides behind her hands, peeking through her fingers at me. It was the cutest thing!

So to kick the shoot off she played chase with her parents, and of course when they caught her she was smothered with lots of snuggly, giggly kisses.

Next was a game of swing walking, always a hit with the little ones and big kids alike!

Swiping her hair from her flushed pink cheeks she slowed down a moment to enjoy the purple will flowers growing at the edge of the grassy field we were on. The lighting so perfect, her mum looking at the flowers with her, testing to see if they were scented. (they weren't but Ellie pretended they were)

Next thing we knew she was off charging again, with piggy backs on her dad and upside down tickles from her mum.

When she saw the beautiful natural archway of trees over the path we were heading down she gasped - "Its the Evergreen forest!" and immediately started looking in the treetops for fairies and pixies, even hiding behind some leaves to try and sneak up on them.

We walked through the "Evergreen Forest" and stopped for some more playtime on the grassy lawn by the pond, just as the sun was dipping into the trees behind us. The golden light was drenching us all, a beautiful evening for a family photoshoot.

Ellie was still charging around, loving the game of running circles around her parents before racing in for a cuddle, but as it was getting late in the day she was showing signs of tiring and so we finished the day with some silly family photos where mum and dad copied everything Ellie wanted to do, like lay on the grass and look for things in the clouds, or put their chins in their hands, Ellie took it one step further and put her fingers in her nose, but nobody copied that thankfully!

As we wandered back to the cars Ellie played with one of my toys, a ribbon on a stick that twirls and dances as you wave it about. A fun and beautiful way to end a gorgeous family photo shoot.

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