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Margaux - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Margaux is an awesome two year old with an enormous personality. When we met at the beach she was toddling around after her pink ball, saying hello to everyone that came by with a smile or a dog. She hid behind her Mum's legs and then raced away from us looking back cheekily over her shoulder to see if we were chasing.

Seriously, she's the best.

Margaux probably knows this already, but her parents are the best too.

Her Dad bought a photography voucher for their family a bit over a year ago, and as happens life got busy and they never got to scheduling their session.

By the time they did schedule their session, Margaux's parents were separated. But that didn't stop us from having an awesome afternoon out at the beach getting blown about by the sea breeze at low tide.

Margaux had fun playing picnic with her mum and shoulder rides with her dad. They walked the beach together, Margaux trying her best to play in the small streams of sea water left as the tide receded.

And sure enough, before long....

When something like this happens at a photoshoot, things can go one of two ways. Either she gets up screaming with fright and sad that she has sand all over her, or...

She jumps up laughing and throws herself into the puddle again!

Before long her Dad was splashing with her and sweeping water splashes to her, then trying to copy her dad, Margaux scooped up handfuls of the black Sandgate beach sand and flung it back at him.

It was the best fun they had the whole shoot, splashing and playing in the shallow water, the late summer evening balmy enough to be fun and not cold.

With the sun dropping in the sky we headed back to the parkland where Marlin the dog was waiting patiently. Margaux fed him some of her afternoon snack and was soon scooped up by her mum who managed to keep clean and dry throughout the splash-fest. Margaux was treated to a rinse off and a change of clothes for the ride home.

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