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Extended Family Session - North Brisbane Family Photographer

One of the most sentimental bookings I get are are for extended family sessions.

Grandparents, adult children and their own small families, generations all captured together at one sitting.

This particular booking was even more special as it was a surprise photoshoot for grandmother Anne!

She knew she was having a lovely birthday party at a local reserve, set beside a river bed in the Samford valley. There was a beautiful marquee set up with a gorgeous cake and lots of lovely food and all the family were sitting around chatting as I arrived.

"Mum, here is your birthday present!" the family announced as they presented me to her - the look on her face was very confused!

Was I a performer? A beautician? A caterer?

I introduced myself as a photographer and her face exploded with delight!

This was a very special occasion as one of her boys lives in Perth so its a rare occasion to have the whole family together, making this somewhat impromptu photo shoot an even more special occasion.

Everyone had dressed up specially for her party and so we set about with the family session.

I love incorporating a mix of both formal and relaxed photos into each session, and with large groups we also photograph all the smaller groupings as well as the large ones.

After we finished the photos I headed to the car, enjoying the sound of family laughing and joking together as only family can!

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