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Baby Scarlett - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

It all started innocently enough. Scarlett emerged from the car sleepy and calm.

Little did we know.

She slept peacefully through the meet and greet, unsettled a little as I wrapped her for the first round of photos but we made it through those mostly well.

Her parents hadn't been sure about taking family photos but thankfully I talked them round. I always say "You don't have to select the images in your gallery but lets just take hem today and then you will know that I have them if you ever change your mind."

They said that she had just that morning started taking a dummy, and my gosh I am glad for that dummy! It became our greatest ally during the session, Scarlett not sure about sleeping but very sure about sucking. I have packets of dummies in the studio for emergency situations, sometimes it is the first time that baby has decided they want to suck so I found it good to have some on hand should we need them.

Scarlett certainly lived up to her name, a fiery little girl with a very strong will! She's awesome!

I tried to settle her into a curly snuggled up shape but she kicked her legs out straight with her knees locked tight. It became her signature pose.

Even with the heat up high and the white noise cranking and the three of us adults all starting to wilt, Scarlett was wide eyed and interested.

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck we managed to photograph her through the entire workflow, clicking photos milliseconds after her dummy was removed, then replacing the dummy and moving on to the next pose.

So yes, this does appear to be a gallery full of blissful sleeping baby photos, but the truth is we worked very hard for them!

And just like that the session was finished, she was still sucking her dummy (despite a solid feed and a fully tummy) and keeping an eye on us, making sure no one was up to anything. They headed home for lunch and hopefully a nap for the whole family.

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