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The Davey Triplets - North Brisbane Family Photographer

I was prepared for chaos.

Three crawling babies in the studio at once.

I had plans and backup plans and backup plans for the backup plans.

And I didnt need any backup plans - the shoot went so perfectly, Aiden, Elaina and Clay were absolute rockstars!

The first set we had ready was the updated version of one of their newborn photos. This was a story image that documented their 72 day stay in hospital before they came home.

For the updated version we used the same pallet of colours and each of the triplets wore the same colour as their newborn photo, but this time we used a bed prop instead of the nest.

I always love a single photo and so we laid each out on the curly felt for a single portrait, first Elaina, then as she was finished Clay came crawling up to the beanbag ready for his turn, then as he finished, Aiden came crawling in for his turn. It was like they knew what we were doing and were totally on board with it!

The next set of photos we did was a simple white set in their jump-suits. Again they were all so compliant, until I got my phone out to do a behind the scenes video and then it went a little hectic!

Their mum had brought along images from the day they were born at 32 weeks gestation. It would have been a scary time for this family having three beautiful babies born before they were ready. We captured an image of each of the babies, now one year old and healthy and strong holding their photo from their most vulnerable start to life. This is an image of hope, strength and happiness.

To finish the shoot we did some family photos, first in studio and then out in the studio gardens. It was a beautiful winters day and they all had matching flannos which looked so good in the lush greenery outdoors.

And just like that we were all done! The family all filed back into the car and headed for a birthday party, which sounds like a great way to end a weekend!

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