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Johnson Family - Family Photographer Brisbane North

The Johnson family were such great fun to photograph at one of my favourite North Brisbane locations!

This little spot has the best of both worlds with lovely low trees and parkland and a beach where the sun sets over the water, a rare thing on the East coast of Australia!

It was a little breezy and being by the ocean meant that the breeze had a bit of freshness to it as well. Teenagers, Tenesha and Jordan, were not a fan of the wind, rubbing their shoulders and jumping on the spot to keep warm while we got the formalities out of the way and headed into the park.

To be fair, they have only recently moved to Brisbane from Cairns, so even though we have sub tropical weather here, and this particular day was 26 degrees, the wind and the evening sun weren't doing them any favours.

Mum Michelle had come barefoot, which I loved! Soon everyone had joined her and the wind and cool evening temperature was forgotten about as we headed in to the sun drenched parkland.

The girls had brought their A game for the photos, every click was a stunner! They ribbed each other on who did the best pose and who took more selfies, sisters are the actual best.

Their dad works in the Australian Defence Force and was currently on a posting, meaning he hadn't been home in months. He had a one week visit before heading off again, and this was the tiny window that we had scheduled their family session into. It had been touch and go as our original date was rained out with a storm, but thankfully the good weather returned the next day and we held the session without an issue.

It was so beautiful to see how bubbly and excited the whole family were to be together. Thats what I love so much about family photoshoots, it's a time to put the screens away and just be really present with each other. We play goofy games or take a moment for family to really talk to each other and share some of the things you wouldn't normally say, such as things you love most about each other, or in their case, what you missed most about each other.

I could tell they were all happy to be a bit goofy, so we did a jokey photo of Lance and Dani kissing while the girls make puking and embarrassed gestures. It was gold!

In the last light of day we headed to the mudflats where we created some more beautiful silhouettes, family images and then had an all in water fight!

Thankfully they had expected to get a bit messy and had towels and more in the car ready to tidy up for the drive home.

It was so much fun, I had an absolute ball and I got the impression the Johnson family all did too!

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