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Masefield Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

This was such a special family photography shoot for me, I hadn't seen little Evie since she looked like this at her newborn photoshoot:

Now, I know some time has passed but can you believe how quickly she grew into this adorable little munchkin!

We met at one of my favourite North Brisbane spots, Bunya Crossing Reserve. The plan for this shoot was to include Dad in just about every photo. See Evie's dad is a photographer himself and so has loads of images of Evie and her Mum, but not a whole lot of them as a family, or him with his baby girl.

So we set to it!

Within moments, I had strayed from instruction and was capturing photos of Evie and her mum. But that is always my plan. During a photoshoot I am constantly thinking of how it would look on your walls, or in an album layout. You can't do a lovely three piece canvas collection if you dont have the option to choose from in the gallery.

So even though the main focus was all on dad, I still took some singles of mum and Evie and Evie on her own as well.

We wandered around the parkland, the trees making for a lovely shady spot before the sun dropped behind them further and we ventured out to the boardwalk.

I love photographing along here, the way that they lines all draw your eye into the family in the centre, its just gorgeous!

Evie loved looking for the birds and the turtles, she was so interested in the wildlife!

Considering our shoot was right at the time of day that young children struggle a bit, she was amazing. We let her run and play as much as she wanted, which is just how a photoshoot should be! FUN!

This would have to be one of my favourite images in their gallery, look at that cheeky grin! It's almost like she knows her parents are being super cute behind her and got the giggles.

We played swing-a-longs on the way back to the car, Evie kicking her feet high into the air almost reaching over her own head!

As we finished our shoot near the waters edge, she found a big seed pod that she picked up and took to the water to float like a little boat. It was beautiful, watching her play with a toy she had made using her own imagination.

She loved it so much, they took it home to put in the bath, because she was adamant that she wasn't leaving the park without it!

Are you ready to book your family photo shoot? Contact Natarsha today.

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