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Baby Harry - Newborn Photographer Brisbane

I need to warn you before we get into this too far. Baby Harry and his big sister Lily are outrageously cute.

Harry has the BEST chubby newborn cheeks and Lily's soft blonde curls and bright blue eyes are enough to have an artist in a tizz.

As Harry's mum liked greys and blues, and since he had arrived at the studio in a cute little jumpsuit, I quickly laid him on the beanbag and photographed his curliness, little fingers and toes and delightful flaking skin. I will remove this on request but as it is part of a new baby's newness, I do like to leave it most of the time. Within a matter of days the flaky skin is all gone, never to return.

Also, these two are both what we newborn photographers call "Unicorn Children". That is when children are so co-operative that they just listen and do as we ask, without too much bribery or co-ersion. Yes, these children really do exist, and Harry and Lily are living proof.

As I had just received a new backdrop, I was really hoping the family would like it so I could photograph it, and thankfully they did! So this ornate bed is actually a fake, but doesn't it look gorgeous?

Yes, I realise you probably hadn't even noticed anything beyond the two beautiful children at the centre of the frame, because they are just divine.

With all her photos clicked off, Lily was released back to the toy room and Harry took centre stage for his part in the shoot. His mum particularly liked deep colours like navy and dark green, so we styled some simple sets for him in those colours. He really does suit the dark tones, and while I don't photograph too much in the deeper end of colours I am considering getting more dark toned blankets for sets like this.

Harry has the most gorgeous cheeks and lips, a perfect newborn pout if ever you saw one. As a standard inclusion at my newborn sessions I always use my special macro lens to capture extreme closeups of all the delicious details such as eye lashes, milk spots on the nose, fingernails and pouty lips like these.

To keep Harry's session short, we photographed almost the entire shoot with him wrapped. I find that this helps to keep the babies more settled which means that we can get through the photos quicker.

We still had loads of variety in images and kept the session time to around two hours instead of three hours, which is the usual duration when including naked poses.

Before we knew it, the session was all done and the family were on their way out the door, their two gorgeous unicorn children in tow, Lily giving me a solid high five and inviting me over for a playdate sometime soon!

I can't wait Lily! #popthekettleon

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