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Baby Sienna - Brisbane Newborn Photography

Sienna arrived at the studio in the cutest little hand knitted outfit, made just for her by her Great Grandma. So of course the first thing we did was to photograph the adorable jumper, beanie and bootie set! She was a picture in pink and so content while all rugged up.

When we changed her from clothes to the wraps, Sienna woke up and wasn't too sure about what was going on, but with the heat, white noise and a snuggly wrap around her she was soon back to a lovely deep sleep while we photographed the family photos.

With her parents now able to relax we moved on to photographing the single portraits, and I love starting with a classic close up of her all wrapped up in a snuggly bundle.

Part of the inclusions in a newborn session is some digital composite images, where we photograph intricate setups separately and then add the baby into the image. It means we can create more variety in the gallery and also capture stunning, time consuming setups without using session time to do so.

We also captured some lovely earthy neutral images of Sienna, I just love the natural tones in this set. The vine baskets from David Lam Designs are just gorgeous and we used two different ones in this session. This is my nest prop, a large nest that lays flat on the ground.

We also used another of Davids creations in this session, the hamper basket which I had some help from Siennna's dad Robbie to select the flowers and help arrange them down the handle. The resulting image is just beautiful, sweet baby Sienna snoozing soundly in there.

But the sleeping was all about to end.

Once we had her unwrapped, she was not taking her eyes off us!

Content and happy, but WIIIIDE awake.

We captured the beautiful "simba" photo in her dads hands, as well as an adorable one with her mums hands as well. The smiles she was having, it was just amazing!

But not sleep.

We continued with some more photos in her dads arms next, and I just love these moody dark images as they go so well with her super dark hair.

With no sign of sleep making its way to her we jumped to the last set of the day, my signature setup of neutral tones. Sienna must have been happy now because she gave me more sweet smiles for the last shots of the day.

Getting the timing right for newborn shoots is so important to catch them while they are still so small and delicate. Get in touch so we can book your spot before it's too late.

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