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Baby Emily - Family Photographer Brisbane North

Last time she was here, Emily was just days old and brought her Grandad Alistair with her.

This time, Emily returned to the studio for her sitter session and this time she brought 3 of her grandparents along!

We started the session with her single portraits in the studio as it was such a windy day we did as much inside as we could before heading out into the gardens for the big family photos.

She had the sweetest little navy and floral jumpsuit for her photos, so the first call of the day was to capture that outfit, although she was concentrating so hard on sitting up that she didnt have much space for smiles just yet.

We moved quickly on to some of the other milestone session photos such as laying on her tummy, which most babies take as a cue to roll over by this stage! Emily was great at rolling, I can tell you!

When we did Emily's newborn shoot we captured how small she was by photographing her in her father's hands. At this shoot we represented how much she had grown by placing her in her father's arms.

And then it was time to head out to the garden for the family photos. Thankfully we had some spare hands to help hold up the light diffuser for me while we made the most of some of the sweet little wildflowers that have recently bloomed around the garden.

Everyone had turns snuggling and cuddling with Emily and she just loved being outside, in fact despite how tiring the photoshoot can be for little ones, and despite the gusty wind throwing some extra spark into everyone, she was still giggling and smiling at everyone.

She had just learned to make clicking sounds and that was her favourite thing to do to communicate, her grandparents would click their tongues to her and she would click back with a giggle or a coo. It was just delightful to see and photograph such special little moments like these.

Next time she comes will be for her first birthday and we have some plans already taking place for that special session too!

Book a session with me now to capture your family as it grows.

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