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Finlay Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

One of the unique things about the studio is that we have these beautiful, colourful private gardens right on site. Literally this photo is taken as I am standing almost inside the studio looking out to the group.

After I scheduled this gorgeous family photography session for our studio gardens, I had an email come through from one of the members asking if their little fur baby could be included.

I figured since the other sibling had their special baby included, why not include puppy Charlie as well? And gosh it made for some fun!

A short step away is the "fairy garden steps" as my children call them - beautiful natural stone steps that lead down to the front lawns. I love this spot particularly for black and white images with the lush hibiscus framing the family.

We have quite an eclectic mix of plants on the grounds and since the jacarandas had just started blooming it was only natural to incorporate those into the gallery also.

Wandering back through the garden we stopped at a few different spots along the way, playing with the different light falling through the trees as we went. Some glowing golden images and some soft warm images, but all just divine!

When we reached the lawn at the front of the gardens I sent the family for a walking photo, and they decided to do one without Charlie.

But it seems that nobody told Charlie and so it happened that I captured quite a funny outtake as he rushed back into shot!

Little Ellie had a moment on her own and this time, with some help from her Dad (because Dads always get the best smiles) we captured some very sweet little giggles from her.

To finish the day I brought the family back to the studio where they enjoyed refreshments while I prepared their big screen viewing of the photos. We had a great time looking through the gallery right away and designing three beautiful framed pictures for their walls.

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