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Baby Genevieve - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

It is always such a special surprise when a family I have photographed in the past gets in touch to schedule a newborn photo shoot! This family in particular is one I remember so well as Imogen and her little brother Hamish were so cute last time around!

There is a term we sometimes use in family photographer circles - "Unicorn Children" - these are children that are happy to be at the photoshoot, happy to go along with anything you suggest, will hold a pose for you and even smile with their eyes! #neversaycheese

Imogen, Hamish and Genevieve are all Unicorn Children.

So when they turned up with their newest baby sister Genevieve it was cuteness to the power of three! Just check this sibling photo out, these kids could not be any more perfect!

The kids also loved giving their new little sister some special cuddles and kisses when she was laying on the beanbag.

Capturing these beautiful connections, the very beginning of a lifetime of friendship, is such a special thing to be able to do for families.

These family photos are also just divine. Last time around, we did black and white images so this time we did colour photos on a lovely grey background. The boys holding up the grey side and the girls all bringing a pop of pink!

Part of my standard workflow these days is to include digital backdrops to create fresh images without the time it takes to design in studio on the day. Here is one of my most popular photos - the pink posie!

And here is another example of a digitally created image with the beanbag she's laying on shaped into a sweet little heart.

It was such a wonderful morning in the studio with this gorgeous family and I can bet these photos will be cherished for a lifetime and more.

Contact Natarsha here to book or get more info

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