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Quinlan Extended Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

As I drove onto the family property for this photo shoot I was instantly in love with the space, the trees, the light, everything about this beautiful acreage in North Brisbane.

I was greeted with smiles and hugs from gift certificate recipients John and Lynette. They received this photoshoot as a Christmas gift this time last year and had saved up the session until just the right time.

With their extended family all over for the afternoon, there was quite a crew to photograph! It was so fun with the young kids running around the massive "back yard", chasing each other and their parents.

As I was photographing smaller family groups, a gorgeous big cane chair was brought out and the second I saw it I knew it was going to feature in some photos as well.

To wind the older kids up a bit, the parents suggested a "peeking out from behind the tree" photo which the kids all went along with, and while it is pretty funny and corny, I reckon its also a great photo because of the memories that go with it. The parents behind me joking with the teens, the young boys scared to touch the tree because it was so rough, the older kids a little indignant but going along with it. But there they are, peeking out with smiles like its a totally normal thing to do and not at all awkward. Love it!

John and one of his sons have a joint enthusiasm for their cars, so of course the extra "family members" had a moment in the spotlight as well.

To finish the session we piled everyone onto a farm gate on the edge of the property. Those on the other side of the gate were a little cautious of "the mean ponies" that live in that field, although they must have been on the other side of the paddock at this point because they were nowhere to be seen for the photos.

John and Lynette were such an inspiration to be around, their gorgeous family full of jokes and jibes, everyone always smiling. The couple also snuggled up together so easily, a lifetime of friendship between them.

I can only hope to have a photoshoot with my husband, children and grandchildren like this one day.

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