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Baby Jimmy - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Did you know I offer a free maternity session when you book a newborn session? Yeah, neither did Jess when she first got in touch.

They were going to take some photos themselves at home, but when she saw my two-for-one package she was so excited!

The only catch with the free session is that it has to be held at the studio, which isn't really much of a catch since my studio has an indoor and outdoor space to work in. You would never know these were "studio" maternity photos!

There are many reasons I like to offer the free maternity session. It's a great chance for us to get to know each other, for you to feel out the studio space so you know where you are coming on the day of the newborn photos. The photoshoot is often one of the first outings for a new family and coming back somewhere familiar makes the trip that much less stressful than if it were all new.

So when the family returned with little Jimmy a few weeks later, Ruby was straight into the playroom where she remembered all the toys living!

For more informal family photos we used my fake bed set! Isn't it cool?

They even brought the dogs in so it felt like a true family moment snuggled together cooing over the new baby. To be honest, most of the time the pups weren't really that interested in Jimmy or the photoshoot, but they managed a quick moment or two where they did look interested and that was all we needed for the full family photo!

Jimmy's dad works on plane engines so they had brought along a wooden plane to incorporate into a photo. I had a fun idea to make it look like Jimmy was dreaming of the plane flying around the room, which took many takes to create but made for a fun composite image for the family!

Another themed photo we did for his Dad was a football one, which unfortunately was just after the very tense 2018 final that Collingwood fans do not like to speak of. I'm sure it won't be long before Jimmy and his dad are cheering the team on together!

My little pink pram got a run in this session also, although for Jimmy I changed the colour to blue! It was such a lovely image of Ruby in her pretty flower headpiece pushing new new baby brother.

In fact, there were so many gorgeous photos of these two, which I love because these are the images that document the start of a lifelong friendship.

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