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Myer Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

I love this lot. Having photographed them since Jasmine's first birthday and every year since, this is a family that feels more like friends.

I love seeing the kids grow up and change, and Jasmine remembers things from our past photoshoots like the daisy chain headband we used one year. She loves looking through the albums we have created over the years and seeing her family growing and changing.

The last time we caught up was when Jordan turned one last year. So now he is one and a half and as any parent of toddlers knows, this is such a fun age.

Fun for the toddler that is, less so for everyone else!

I love to capture a mix of images that are formal, looking to the camera style and candid, have a bit of fun.

Since the kids usually run out of focus early on, we tick off that formal photo pretty quickly, and these kids did a stellar job of it.

This session is all held in our studio gardens and that formal photo is literally outside the studio door.

The boys quickly noticed my old rusty trike and wanted to play, which was a great way to get them to stay still for a minute (almost). Jasmine held a basket of flowers for a really sweet photo of her own.

We headed a bit deeper into the gardens and piled the kids onto some of my favourite stone steps for the first sibling photo, and it was a cracker!

The golden light in the afternoons is just perfect in the studio gardens and so we made the most of it for the rest of the session, with gorgeous snuggly photos of each child with their mum and dad.

The kids were getting very excited about playing on the swings in the garden and I thought what a great wide photo this would make with the beautiful jacaranda tree in bloom above. Jasmine loved swinging, Josh was on the trapeze and Jordan was happily munching down on some afternoon tea, and I love that this is such an "in-the-moment" image and yet still very beautiful.

With the kids energy ramping up we shot down the hill to the grassy lawn at the front of the property and let everyone run riot. Jordan loved swinging in between his parents, and we even got another one of those "formal" photos right at the end of the shoot which is almost unheard of.

As Jasmine tottered back up the hill to the studio, the boys were collected up in fire-mans hold by their dad, squealing and giggling all the way home.

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