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Baby Toby - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Toby was such a delight to capture newborn photos of, his incredible chubby cheeks and soft squishiness had me in a whirl the whole session!

This was technically his second trip to the studio as we had photographed his parents a few weeks earlier at their maternity session.

One of the wonderful things about photographing maternity and newborn sessions for families is creating a special "before and after" image. I love images like this that sort of merge time into one image.

So when Toby came back to the studio it was a lovely relaxed session picking up right where we had left off just weeks before.

We started the session with beautiful family photos, this silhouette family image always really popular, and you can see why:

Next we moved on to Toby's single portraits. I photograph most of newborn sessions with baby wrapped up tightly, I find it makes for a smoother and quicker session. You can almost count on the moment we unwrap the baby that they will unsettle and take some time to re-settle again. This would be one of my biggest tips for new parents. babies love being snuggled!

His parents had brought a beautiful white circular blanket that had been hand knitted just for Toby and so of course I created an image with the beautiful lacy knit blanket a lovely frame around him.

With Christmas just around the corner we also included a couple of Christmasy themed photos too. While this image was done in camera, these sort of images are really easy to include into a session as the bulk of the work can be done outside of the session, the intricate setups captured at a different time and the two images stitched together in photoshop. Its called composite editing and is really useful to save time or to keep babies safety paramount if a photo is too dangerous to create in camera.

Toby looked gorgeous with the navy blue and grey tones so of course we included a set of those colours before moving on to the final images - the unwrapped sleeping ones.

Toby rocked the whole workflow like a star and before we knew it we were all done!

I snuck one last snuggle in before he was secured in his carseat for the ride home.

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