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Lee Family Photos - North Brisbane Family Photographer

I love photographing babies of all ages and stages, but particularly babies who are so super cute like 4 month old Elliot and his big brother William!

This gorgeous family were the lucky recipients of a gift certificate, and what a truly amazing gift! From work colleagues to family units, international friends or grandparents who dont know what to gift at a baby shower, a photography experience with included photos has to be one of the most touching gifts of all. Memories that you and your family can look back on forever, its much better than a bottle warmer, trust me. More about photography gift certificates here.

Hosting a family session in the studio usually means an indoor photoshoot, but at our studio we have the best of both worlds as we can take advantage of the expansive private outdoor gardens right at the same location!

We started with a simple family set inside, the boys loving getting close and snuggly on the white rug! Little Elliot can't quite sit up on his own just yet at four months old, so big brother William helped him out, and gosh these boys are so sweet!

We captured some beautiful images with the white and cream tones. The little stool is always a hit with kids, its perfect for little people to sit on and bigger kids to lean on.

Then for a change of pace we popped just outside the studio to one of my favourite spots to photograph any time of day, the stone steps. We have specifically grown the hibiscus and "other-purple-flowering-plant" together to create the lovely shaded archway just perfect for framing family units and super cute kids photos. There are always butterflies around this spot in summer as well, they love all the flowers!

The boys were such great models and have such a loving relationship with their doting parents, it was such a wonderful morning to spend with this gorgeous family!

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