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Baby William - Baby Photographer North Brisbane

Meet Lydia.

A 17 year old, 2 metre long, 10 kilo rainbow water serpent, raised from hatching by licensed reptile handler and herpetologist, Tash. #greatname

Lydia is big sister to a new baby brother Will.

It was during Wills newborn session that I first learnt about Lydia and my creative senses started tingling - big time! So when this family got in touch to schedule Wills sitter session, I said "You must bring Lydia!"

Now, before we get too far into this session share, I feel the need to be ULTRA clear that for Wills safety (and Lydias) they were never within a metre of each other in my studio.

These images are called composite images, meaning two images merged together to create one new image.

Here is an example of how all images of Lydia and Will were stitched together in photoshop:

Did you notice the cute little wildlife carer khaki overalls that Wills' mum had made for him just for this photo? Take a minute to recover from that cuteness right there.

My own daughter is ultra excited about snakes. She loves a reptile. So when she found out that Lydia was coming to the studio, she wanted to hang around (for the first time ever) and meet her.

Sophie is a tough nut, she's not much of a smiler in photos. Its called photographer's child syndrome and she has a very severe case. So this photo has a bit of a Mona Lisa smile to it. At first glance she is cool and defiant, but look at her eyes and you will see an excitement and electricity that gives away just how thrilled she really is in this moment.

With Sophie's dream-come-true snake-cuddle out of the way, my family were ushered out of the house so that we could focus once again on the gorgeous family that had come to the studio today.

Lydia had her own closeup photos, then we laid her on the ground to capture some images to merge with Will's newborn session. Thats one of the fun things with digital photography, we can take images captured six months ago and merge them into an image captured today to create a new portrait like this:

It was time for Lydia to go back into her sleeping bag while we demolished the set and moved onto a normal session flow.

Since this was an update, milestone session for Will, we documented his new skills such as sitting, smiling and playing with his feet. So many cute moments!

Just as they were leaving we realised that Tash should really have a photo with her pet of 17 years, so Lydia was back out of the bag again for one last set of portraits before it was time to head home.

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