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When two ultra sweet little girl and their loving parents and Nanny jump out of the car, I know instantly this was going to be a fun day.

We had arranged a studio session with indoor and outdoor photos in our private studio gardens and it was a stunning day for it.

Starting off in the indoor studio we quickly ran through a family set of everyone, then single portraits of the girls and of course a sibling photo.

While 3 year old Eva was all smiles and giggles, little Chloe was slowing taking everything in around her. Chloe found one of my pram props and loved it, so we brought it into the studio and created a super cute sister photo thats about as sweet and girly as they are.

This session was to be weighted a little more towards photos of Chloe for her first birthday, so since she wasn't feeling her groove so much indoors, we quickly made our way outside and just like that she was in her element!

The first stop was the Fairy Steps, a lovely shady spot literally at the door of my studio and a personal favourite spot to photograph any time of the day.

We slowly ventured around the gardens, stopping at a few other locations along the way where I have some custom-made outdoor props such as this extra wide (and very low) swing to hold up to three siblings at once. The kids always love this swing when they see it because it looks so big and easy to get onto!

We finished the shoot in another of my favourite spots, just at the bottom of the fairy steps (also handy for getting back to the studio!) where the girls sat on a blanket in the summer breeze, picking up flowers and leaves and watching the butterflies float around them.

There is just enough room to fit a group photo in this spot too, and we were glad we did because it was the favourite group photo of the day, and you can see why!

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