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Whats in the bag? - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Do you love having a sticky beak?

Me too! There is something really fun about being nosey and seeing just what do people lug about with them all day long.

So I thought why not show you all the stuff I lug about with me on a photoshoot. So here it is - everything that I bring to a session and whats in my camera bag.

Camera Bag: 3 Annies Australia Camera Bag

I love this bag because it holds all my stacks of lenses and they are easily accessible during the shoots. Its also pretty and has loads of external and internal pockets to keep everything in it's place!

Camera Body: Canon 5d Mkiii

Favourite Lens: Canon 35mm 1.4

The rest of the camera crew:

Canon 50mm 1.4

Canon 85mm 1.8

Canon 100mm 2.8 macro/portrait

Canon 200mm 2.8mm L Series

Canon EX420 flash

Spare battery


Lollipops (if I haven't given them all away!)

Mini flash diffuser

Batteries for flash

Spare memory cards

Business cards

Hand sanitiser

Location shoot bag

I also bring along another bag to parks and beaches loaded with other outdoor necessities! It is bright red so we cant lose it and lugs about all of this:

Water bottles for you!


Baby wipes


Bug spray




Reflector/scrim shade




Water bottle for me


Now you may have noticed Nemo. He is a little something special I have in my kit. He sits on top of my camera and gives out little lollies to well behaved kids when he gets their best smiles! I did have to file down the little foot hold to fit him in my flash hot spot, but as I rarely use my flash it works great for me!

So there you have it, all my favourite things to work with!

I love shooting with prime lenses (this means they don't zoom) as I find it makes me focus on framing the image by moving my body and these particular lenses create a beautiful background blur (called "bokeh") which makes the subject really pop out from the background.

I do bring a few treats for little ones to my sessions, but I usually try to keep these to the end of the shoot when possible.

To find out more about what happens in a photo session,

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