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Baby Wesley - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Wesley is super lucky to have two awesome big siblings to help take care of him. Big sister Kenzi is so doting and sweet, relishing every chance she gets to give him a snuggle.

Big brother Harvey is so tender and gentle with him as well, although I suspect he is hanging out for little Wes to get big enough to play with a little more.

As we had also captured a maternity session for the family, we created a unique before and after image where it looks like Sam turns around and Wes goes from bump to baby as you read across the image. I just love how this turned out!

The family brought along a beautiful blanket to incorporate into the session, which is something I love as it makes for such personal and more sentimental pictures, the newest generation of the family relaxed and peaceful on something that links to their heritage.

Little Wesley was such a little snoozer that he made it through the entire sleepy pose set on the beanbag. He is now a studio star as this gorgeous set is hung in my studio showcasing the poses we do on the beanbag.

Since it was just before Christmas, I love to create a themed image for families in the studio around this time. With the magic of photoshop I can use pre-made digital backgrounds and simply add in the baby photo to personalise it. Creating images like this is quick and easy in the studio during the session, most of the work is done before or after the session.

There was one other special guest in the studio for this newborn photoshoot - Wes' Grandma. I always love to include generational images when families are present because these are the images that will mean the most to families over time.

We finished the day with a "new twist on an old favourite" image, Wesley nestled into his parents hands with his siblings hands supporting him as well.

A symbolic image of the power of the family unit and how everyone works together to support and lift each other.

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