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Butler Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Beck and Chris have been long time friends of ours. I used to work with Beck at Channel Ten back when I was a video editor working with her on kids shows like Totally Wild.

Flash forward ten years and here we are, both with young families and both in wildly different careers, neither of us working in TV any longer.

When they arrived for this photoshoot, one of the first things they said at the studio was "Oh wow, look at all the jacarandas! Little Olivia has been obsessed with them and we are so excited to have them in our family photos!"

You see Beck, Chris and kids Olivia and Daniel were visiting from Texas, where jacarandas are... well I was going to say "rare" but I think the more correct term would be "non-existent". So the kids had never seen them before, and so you could safely say they were spellbound by the beautiful purple blooms.

So with the "lots of jacarandas please" brief in mind, we headed out to the studio gardens for their family shoot.

One of the wonderful things about our studio gardens is that there is always something in blossom, and along with the jacarandas there are other purple flowers in bloom at the same time. (Don't ask me what they are, I'm much more a foodie than a green thumb.) Our largest jacaranda tree drops a thick blanket of purple to the ground each season, while other smaller trees have low hanging branches to touch and play with. We have around six on the property and loads more on our street.

After spending time with the large tree at the top of the hill, we headed down to the grassy flat at the front of the property where more lovely low hanging trees create gorgeous archways, and then headed through to the street, another spot loaded with more jacarandas!

The kids were very active, so they loved walking around the yard and running to each of their parents for snuggles.

Little Daniel was so excited about the exploration play that we had nearly finished the shoot before I realised I had yet to capture some sneaky smiles from him!

I just love how much this gorgeous family love each other and I had so much fun capturing their genuine delight at simply being with each other, marvelling at the purple flowers of the Brisbane springtime.

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