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Baby Emma Wilson - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Emma is the sweetest little girl with the cutest head of black hair and an adorable brother to boot!

I could tell immediately that she was so very loved by how tightly her parents snuggled her, and when they looked to each other with this genuine smile of love just beaming out of them you can see this is one family that's going to give you the warm fuzzies big time!

We laughed as her Dad Brett's beard tickled her head and she scrunched up her face. You could almost hear her saying "Daaa-ad!"

There was a really cute out take when her parents were having a photo without her big brother. As often happens at this time in the session the older sibling suddenly realises they are being left out of the photo and do their best to get some attention back to them. I have a ton of photos like this with a little hand holding something up to show mum and dad!

He was pretty stoked about it too, and since he was in the mood for a snuggle, the next sibling photos were also ultra cute!

I had been of a bit of a prop shopping spree just before their shoot, so Emma got first run of a few new things in my studio, thankfully her Mum loved them all too!

We played with some mint green and some purple. Since it was jacaranda season I created this backdrop specifically for this session and love it so much!

I also made a gorgeous flowery image with some new cream flower props I recently bought and a cute neutral set with a sweet little teddy bear bonnet (also new).

Soon enough we moved onto the classic "sleeping flow-posing" set on the beanbag, and while we started off well it wasn't long before little Emma woke up with a little smile and called it a day.

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