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Bella's 8th Birthday - Brisbane Family Photographer

Once a year, Bella returns to the studio for her birthday photos and it is always so much fun!

Over the past 7 years we have had sessions at a range of locations from my old studio, her home, different parks, my new studio, always trying to find somewhere new to create a different looking session from the previous.

This time around, we went for a sun drenched afternoon session in the studio gardens and it was magnificent!

Bella was more interested in playing with the toys but went along with me for long enough. I distracted her with a basket of flowers on the stone steps and asked if we could see any butterflies around, because in summer there are always tons of butterflies in our garden!

Then we headed further into the garden and found the flower swing, which she loved swaying on, and it shows!

The swing soon got old so I suggested she could dance around with the scarf above her head, and Bella of course brought some awesome sass to this!

A quick outfit change and we were underway for the last few photos, the beautiful filtered afternoon light illuminating her blonde hair and making her stunning blue eyes sparkle extra bright.

I absolutely love capturing her birthday photos every year, although as a mum I really want her to stop growing up! Its happening all too quickly.

Happy 8th Birthday Bella!

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