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Baby Soren - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

With two beautiful little girls bubbling out of the car, I knew this was going to be a fun maternity session!

Allison and Penelope loved giving "the baby" lots of kisses and even showing "the baby" flowers they had picked from the garden. In fact this made for one very gorgeous family photo at the maternity session.

The girls were so excited about the new baby, but would it be a boy or a girl? We decided to have a bit of fun and create a "before and after" photo with that unknown factor!

Flash forward a few weeks and Allison and Penelope bubbled out of the car, super excited to tell me that they have a brand new baby.... BROTHER!

Enter Soren, sleepy and adorable in his mum's arms. He was such a happy and peaceful baby boy, snuggled into wraps and blissfully unaware of all the fuss going on around him.

The family photos were up first and they were adorable, from how tenderly his mum and dad look at him and gently kissed his hair to the soft handed patting the girls gave him in their sibling photos.

We took all the cuteness to the next level when the pram came out, Soren could easily be mistaken for a baby doll!

He was still fast asleep as we tucked him in with the teddies. It is often pondered what do babies dream about. Milk mostly, I would think.

I brought in some blues and grey toned setups next, a soft blue colour to match his softness.

Before we knew it the session was winding down, Soren a total rockstar and his sisters super cute as well, it was an all round awesome day in the studio and some ultra special memories captured for a truly lovely family.

Contact Natarsha to book in a newborn session for your family.

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