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It wasn't so long ago that first birthday photoshoots were all about doing a "Cake Smash session".

It was a cute idea in theory, a half naked chubby baby going to town playing with and sometimes eating an enormous cake! I photographed them for a few years, but I started to realise that while the photos themselves could be really cute and some babies really got into the whole shebang, more often than not:

The babies didn't enjoy the experience

of the cake smash photoshoot at all.

And since I am all about a positive and enjoyable photography experience, I didn't feel good about photographing cake smash sessions anymore.

The babies hadn't tasted cake before and were wary of it.

They didn't know what was happening on the studio set with everyone watching them.

They were cutting teeth which was hurting their mouth and making them uncomfortable.

Most of the time, within minutes of getting underway the little poppets were crying and sad and covered in cake and icing because we had smeared it all over them hoping they would smile and look like they were eating it.

We would wash them up, change into their nice clothes and pop out to the garden. Almost instantly they would cheer up and be happy about being outside. Cute portraits galore!

So I stopped offering cake smash sessions, and instead we do birthday portrait sessions here at Family Photography by Natarsha March!

Even without cake, we can still capture "First Birthday style" photos with balloons, crowns and bunting flags.

We document all the beautiful first birthday things like BIG smiles!

The gorgeous connected snuggles with Mum and playing aeroplanes with Dad.....

.... and crawling around like a cute little monster!

Sometimes we can create really cool time-lapse imagery.

Here is Evie's "Watch me grow" photo that we captured over the three sessions she came for - newborn, sitter and birthday!

For the Davey triplets we created a "Then and Now" photo with images from when they were born and still in the NICU. You would never know meeting these bouncing babbling babies that they started out so tiny and fragile!

We capture all the first birthday milestones - such as standing up (even if it is with some help from a chair or mum and dad!)

And classic timeless portraiture like this image of Bryce sitting in the garden, all chubby cheeks and a thoughtful stare! (To be honest, I think she was watching a butterfly)

SSo there you have it! All the super cute birthday photos, without the mess or tears!

AAs Evie appears to be saying here "Ta Da!"

If a fun, relaxed First Birthday shoot looks like something you would love for your family, please get in touch with Natarsha for more information.

Contact Natarsha March here

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