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Baby Cohen - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

You know that saying about "Rain on your wedding day is good luck"?

Well its a little bit the same for photoshoots!

See the rain, or more specifically Brisbane-style rain, is great for photography as it diffuses the sunlight making for much richer yet softer images.

So when it rained on the day of this maternity photoshoot, we went along with it and the results were gorgeous!

We started off shooting most of the session indoors, Amelia loved snuggling into her mum's baby belly and we had some fun with Hayden creating a playful image with the tin cans!

Then we popped out in between rain showers to capture a couple of garden photos and take a look for yourself! How sweet of dad to bring the umbrella to keep the family dry, and just as he was about to throw it out of the shot I said "Stop! Keep it! It looks really cool!" especially as the colours all matched!

Flash forward a few weeks and this lovely family were back with little Cohen for his newborn photos, and you can't half tell these kids were so excited about his arrival!

We kept the theme of the session to soft grey and blue tones with simple baby focused images. I love this simple and timeless style of portrait as it will look beautiful for years to come. Sometimes popular styling and image processing can be something we love at the time but can date very quickly (think of the white vignette or soft focus "glamour" images of the 80s!) With simple and classic styling and processing we can create images that will stand the test of time, such as these.

Hayden and Amelia had single portraits as part of this shoot as well, something I love to include at all photoshoots. It also means that if they wanted to put a collection on the wall, there would be matching photos of everyone in the family to create something like this:

It was such a fun and sweet morning in the studio with this family, their love for each other so clear and genuine to see and I know these images will be holding a very special place in their home and in their hearts for years to come.

Contact Natarsha to receive your free maternity shoot with every newborn session booked.

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