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Baby Alayah - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Talk about hitting the jackpot with this awesome family! As soon as we met at the studio door I knew we were in for a fun shoot. 6 year old Elija was bubbling with excitement, bringing in his toy cars and telling me all about them. (Confession time, I know nothing about cars I'm sorry Elija, but I loved hearing you talk about them!)

Alayah was beautiful in her mums arms, a sweet little pout and gorgeous dark hair.

Their family photo was up first and of course it was stunning. You can clearly see how excited Elija is about his new baby sister and it melts my heart with all the love in this photo!

At every newborn session I always take single portraits of siblings so that we have matching sets to hang on the walls of your home. Elijah loved his single photos and was such a crack up! You can tell this session is taken in 2019 becuase DAB!

Next were the sibling photos and how incredible is the differenece here, all his energy has mellowed out and his soft, protective side snuggling into his tiny baby sister is all you see now.

With his big brother duties all done, Elijah was free to play. His parents gave him a phone and he soon came back saying he was buying a Ford something-or-other and we were all like "Oh cool." then we realised that he was on Gumtree and actually about to buy a real car! It was pretty funny and thank goodness he told us what he was doing!

Turning our attention to Alayah it was soft pinks and neutrals for the rest of the shoot.

Her mum had brought in two lovely little outifts that had been custom made for her, a pink jumpsuit that was the perfect fit and looked divine on her:

Then a sweet apricot set of bonnet and booties which can be a tough colour to pull off but Alayah may as well be Autstalias next top model becuse she nailed not only the colouring but the pose as well.

More delightfully sleepy photos were next and I was truly in photographer heaven. It was such a fun morning with a gorgeous family capturing stunning image after stunning image. I loved every minute!

They loved their photos so much they ordered an awesome 4 piece canvas collection to hang in their home like this:

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