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Baby Sophia - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Snuggled into her parents with a sweet smile, newborn baby Sophia was such a delight to welcome into the studio.

Her parents had been here just a few weeks earlier for their maternity photos where we had captured some stunning portraits out in the garden.

We also put together this really cool story telling image using silhouettes. I really love getting a bit creative with the families I photograph!

After we had captured the "baby" frame of the story image, we continued the family photos with her parents, and oh my gosh the love and joy these new parents already have for their baby girl is enough to make my heart burst.

Soon after the family photos, she was suddenly very interested in what was going on and wide awake! Her beautiful eyes full of inteligence and curiosity and making for some very striking images.

But just before she drifted off to sleep again, we could captured a gorgeous image showing just how tiny she is snuggled into her dads hands.

Sleepy photos followed, a pink toned blanket and matching wraps and headbands the simple props used for this part of the photoshoot.

Her parents brought in the cutest little booties that had been knitted especailly for her, and so we incorporated them into this adorable photo of her little legs all kicked out and chill. Her parents loved this photo so much that it was the one used for her birth announcement card.

Side-note: Did you know that all newborn photoshoots include a free digital birth announcement card? It is designed as a 6x4 photo for simple printing or you can share the digital file straight away as it is. Just another way Family Photography by Natarsha March looks after the families she works with to make life that little bit easier!

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