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8 Tips for Preparing for Labour - North Brisbane Maternity Photographer

I am a planner.

Schedules, spreadsheets, timeframes, yes please!

So during my pregnancy I found it frustrating not knowing when and how the labour was going to happen. I read books and articles because I am very much the "know your enemy" mindset. Knowledge is power.

But in the end, I didn't have much of a birth plan because you can't really plan it! Well, I had some music on my iPod (not whales) and I wanted my husband to tell me the gender of our baby when it was born, but other than that I was mostly just on a rollercoaster holding on and waiting for it to end.

I did a lot of reseach though, and there were a few things that came up time and again that were said to help ease anxiety and facilitate labour and this blog is the short list of what I found. It is important to note that the suggestions below are tools that may, or may not, work for you during labour. There is no one "right way" to birth and each woman's experience will be different.



Every Mum to be needs a solid support crew during labour. If you feel like you could use more support during labour then consider hiring a doula. Statistics show that labours with a doula present are often shorter and less likely to require medical intervention such as forceps.



HypnoBirthing is a class that teaches self hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labour. You can book any time from 20 weeks onwards to courses which teach your how to calm yourself from within.



Drinking four cups of this stuff every day from 36 weeks gestation has been linked to shorter labours and less pain. At aroud $5 a box at Chemist Warehouse, it's worth a shot!



Doing gentle core exercises such as pregnancy yoga can help your body prepare and strengthen for the big day. Check out this recent blog from Briony at Be In Blossom Chermside loaded with great information and exercises to support you in pregnancy.



The sensation of warm water flowing over your skin can bring a lot of relief during labour, particularly on the lower back during labour. The longer you can go without getting into the drugs, the more effective they are likely to be if and when you need them.



After 9 long months of waiting ot meet your baby, when labour finally starts it can be super exciting! But labour can be like a marathon more than a sprint, so keeping your mind busy can help with anxiety and excitement. In the early hours this might mean doing some last minute laundry or cleaning, watching a movie or painting your nails. In the later hours it could be playing music or using essential oils.



Research suggests that if you head in too early, labour can slow down or even stall once you arrive at the hospital. If you are planning to birth at the hospital try to relax in the comfort of your own home until your care provider advises you to come in.



I found this term a lot - UFO - Uprigtht forward and over. Its a position that uses gravity to help guide your baby into the birthing position. For example, lean over your kitchen bench or the back of the couch at home, or the side of the bath in the labour room.

Other positions that can help make contractions feel more manageable are being on all fours, sitting or gently rolling on a swiss ball or laying on your side.


Some final thoughts...

My final bit of advice is possibly the hardest of all to implement but the most important.

Keep an open mind.

When we set our mind to there only being one "right way" to birth, our reality rarely meets our expectations. Try not to place all of your energy and hope into one birthing strategy as labour quite often doesn't go to plan. Instead, educate yourself about delivery, pain and support options available to you during labour so that regardless of how your labour unfolds, you are more likely to be making educated decisions with the support of people you trust.

Best wishes from Family Photography by Natarsha March on the birth of your bundle of joy.

Contact Natarsha here for more information on

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