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Wright Siblings - Brisbane Family Photographer

Whenever I get an enquiry for "just the kids" I always try to talk the parents into being in the photos as well, but with this session there was a very special reason that they weren't - it was a massive surprise for their Mum's birthday!

Pheobe, Ethan and Liam arrived after a last minute dash to the shops for new outfits, all very covert as they hid the entire photoshoot and planning from their mum who was at work on the day of the shoot.

The afternoon light in the studio gardens was absolutely perfect on the day of their shoot. We started with images on the stone steps, each of the kids having single portraits as well as a group photo as well.

At the bottom of my stone steps is a gorgeous large paperbark tree that catches the afternoon light beautifully, and was the next stop on the photoshoot adventure!

I try my best to help people relax in front of the camera by talking, making jokes and getting natural movements into the mix. This image of Phoebe swirling around is one of my personal favourites from the session.

This image of Phoebe sitting on the swing in the gardens is her favourite.

The boys were a little more reserved, but with a bit of joking from their dad as well as myself we managed to help them chill out and enjoy the session as well.

By the end of every shoot we have usually dissolved into some major mucking around, so we had the kids play ring a rosie and do piggy back rides - and since it was all for their mum's birthday they even recorded a speical birthday message for their mum that we added at the start of the video slideshow.

I make a video slideshow of every session I photograph and it is included free with most print orders.

Since their session was held in the studio gardens, we were able to go through the photos right after the session and select which ones to print on canvases for their Mum. It was really cool to see both the kids and their Dad so excited about this very special birthday present for their Mum.

They also added some extra prints for her to select once she had seen the photos for herself, which was such a thoughtful addition to their package.

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