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Top 8 Reasons I LOVE Winter Sessions

For Queensland family photographers, winter is their favourite time of year. And after reading this, you will see why booking your family session in winter is a smart way to go.

1. Shorter Days

The sun sets earlier in winter which means happier kids for afternoon shoots. Look at those smiles!

2. The Weather is More Predictable

Queensland is well known for its unpredictable afternoon weather in the summer months. In winter, your session is unlikely to be interrupted by an afternoon storm so you can make the most of the late afternoon light.

3. Everyone can Keep Their Cool

Who wants to be hot and sweaty for their photoshoot? Not me! Queensland afternoons in summer can be very hot and humid whereas winter afternoons are comfortable and pleasant helping everyone to look and feel their best.

4. Improved Skin Tone

Skin tones photograph better in winter as they aren't red and sweaty and we can make the most of the soft winter light. Bye bye wrinkles!

5. Amazing Sunset Skies

The sunset skies are so much better in winter - might be refracted light? I'm not sure, but either way, winter sunsets totally beat summer sunsets.

6. Make the Most of Textures

In winter you have the opportunity to wear cosy layers of knitwear, jackets or vests. Textures like these photograph really well.

7. Less Unwanted Guests

Annoying mosquitos or a scare from a visiting snake can really put a dampener on a summer photo session. In winter this is rarely an issue so you can get on with enjoying your session.

8. More Privacy

If you have a favourite beach or park in mind for your shoot, it is likely to be less crowded in winter (especially at sunset) so you can enjoy your session without inquisitive onlookers or photo bombers.

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