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Baby Isaac - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

One of the reasons I love to offer a free maternity session with newborn bookings is to help mums relax in front of the camera and to take some of the stress out of the newborn photoshoot day.

Not that Lisa needed to relax, she was so chilled out about the whole process I asked her if she did this often! There were so many stunning photos in this maternity session I had to try and limit it to my top 4 or I would overwhelm this blog with maternity photos!

Another reason is that I get to know families better so I can deliver perfect, personal imagery for them.

This is just what happened during our maternity photoshoot, where Lisa mentioned how they had a lovely blue blanket that had been made just for baby Isaac with airplanes in it since his dad is in this field. I'm so glad we talked about it, because I just love this image so much!

There was a full house at Isaac's newborn photoshoot, his dad, big sisters and Grandma were there to join in the experience.

Rose and Juliette were so helpful with baby Isaac, eager to give him cuddles and you could see their eyes really sparkle with excitement as they looked down at him. It was so sweet to see and capture.

The three generation photo is always an incredibly special photo to capture as well. As little Isaac grows up, he will look back on this image and wonder at how young everyone looked when he was born.

When I suggested putting together a photo for the upcoming Queensland Professional Photography Awards based on a theme of The Sound of Music, Lisa's eyes lit up! "We love that movie! The girls wore white dresses with blue satin sashes for our wedding!"

As it turned out, Isaac nailed three of the frames for this photo, with two other stand-ins filling out the final award entry. Isaac is the "bright copper kettle" and "brown paper package, tied up with string" in this image that received a high professional practice award and made up my portfolio that received 2019 Queensland Professional Newborn Photographer of the Year.

That gorgeous big smile was around a lot at his photoshoot, bursting out a few times which was so special to capture as well.

By the end of the photoshoot Isaac had decided we were a bit too interesting and was not in much mood for sleeping anymore, so we popped a cute little jumpsuit on and captured some lovely images of his hands and feet, sneaky little looks and chilled out attitude just like this Mum and Dad.

Contact Natarsha here for more information on your own free maternity session with newborn photoshoot booking

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