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Before & After Maternity Photos - Brisbane Maternity Photographer

I love a maternity photoshoot! There is something almost magical about being on the cusp of two lives, the one where you know only the life you have ever known, and the one ahead where you have a new little person to raise and nurture.

I also love to indulge my creative side and have fun with this concept. Here is one such image I made by layering up mum-to-be Denise until it looked like a flower. I then added in baby Declan as a little Easter egg to find.

This image recently won a silver award in the 2019 QLD Professional Photography Awards hosted by the AIPP.

Using the magic of photoshop I created this story timeline of mum-to-be Ryoko and partner Daniel by making it look as though we had captured a silhouette on their wedding day as well as maternity and then newborn with baby Sophia.

The Goodwin family weren't sure if they were having a boy or a girl, so we made a fun "gender reveal" photo for them using coloured wraps in the basket - pink or blue? - and then recreating the photo with baby Soren during his newborn photoshoot.

My most requested before and after photo is the classic "reflection" photo where baby is positioned on top of mum during the newborn session with the reflection showing the maternity capture below as Hannah and baby Dakota demonstrate here.

The next photo is one that I love for mums who know they will be having a c-section as it doesn't require getting back down to the ground at the newborn photoshoot, its just a simple back-to-back photo, the blending of time through the middle.

Yvonne had a great idea for this before and after image, laying on her side holding her belly in the maternity photo and then baby Sonny in the second.

And for Sam's before and after we tried something different - a turnaround photo so that if you read the images left to right it looks like she is turning around on the spot with baby Wesley appearing in her arms.

And finally this last image was just over a year in the making as we started the story during the maternity session and finished it at little Ava's first birthday shoot! The story is that big sister Indie wanted to play telephones but there was no one on the other end yet. She listened to her sister in her mum's tummy then again once Ava was big enough to play on the outside.

So there you have it - loads of different ways to create a before/after image when you come in for your free maternity photoshoot before your newborn photos.

I am always coming up with inventive new ways to do these before and after images and with so many mums-to-be coming through the studio I get to try out all my ideas before I forget them!

If you would love to create a before/after photo I would love to hear from you!

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