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Baby Charlotte - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

In newborn photography, we are known for babies that sleep.

But sometimes babies wake up during the photoshoot and that's cool too! Its always lovely to capture the (usually) deep blue eyes of a newborn baby who is seeing so many things for the first time.

Baby Charlotte was a little older than "newborn" when she came to her photoshoot, which meant that she slept a little lighter, but also that she could focus her eyes on us and I was able to capture some stunning connection photos of her.

Her parents had been in the studio for their maternity photoshoot before she arrived where we had captured some beautiful images both in the studio and out in the studio gardens.

Charlotte's photoshoot was all indoors, cosy and warm, and her gallery was all in lovely soft neutrals and dusky pink tones.

Family photos are always so special, the bond between new parents and their tiny baby is one that takes my breath away almost every session. The immediate love that new parents have for this little person who is half mum and half dad. Michelle and Matt were so clearly delighted with little Charlotte - and so in love with each other as well.

The photos of Charlotte tucked in with a teddy and a rabbit are so sweet, she almost has a little pout on her lips like they are ready to give out a kiss.

Another special part of a newborn photoshoot for me is the macro photos. These are the super close up photos of all the tiny-yet-perfect details of newborn babies such as eye lashes and milkspots, and my personal favourite - the little feet that have never touched the ground, so teeny and soft in mums hands.

Oh and remember how I was saying at the start about when babies wake up? Well check out this cute little face and cheeky fist pump that Charlotte pulled towards the end of the shoot!

With so many gorgeous images to choose from this family decided to put together a gallery frame of 5 images for their home and it came up amazing!

Contact Natarsha here for more information on a free maternity photoshoot with your newborn booking

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