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Blake Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

Tell you what, I love photographing families like this lot!

The Blakes are loaded with energy and good humour, two traits that definitely come out in their photoshoot.

We knew we were working towards a gorgeous wall collection for the lounge and that the colours of the home were rich warm tones, so they were able to choose clothing to work with the environment that the artwork will hang at the end of the experience.

With the kids being a little older we breezed through the first lot of family photos without any bribes or begging. The boys weren't sure about taking turns to have their single portraits taken, but by the second round of single photos they were starting to relax more and get into "photoshoot mode".

I think they also loved seeing their parents snuggle up for photos too, something I love to capture at family shoots because I know for my own family, the last time we had a nice photo of me and my husband was our wedding day!

The afternoon was a relaxing wander through the golden sun drenched studio gardens, stopping at some of my favourite little spots along the way for "mum" photos and "dad" photos.

This is where things took a little turn for the different however. My wonderful neighbours are all very happy for their front lawns to be borrowed for photos (of course I warn them we will be coming) and at the time of this photoshoot one neighbour's amazing large maple tree was in full golden/maroon deciduous drop!

We made the most of this gorgeous setting, and once all the formal portraits had been taken the boys were then pumped that they could get stuck into a leaf fight.

Now, my own girls had a leaf fight under this tree the day before, and I can tell you for a fact: boys leaf fights and girls leaf fights are two very different things, as you can see here!

A few short weeks later their fine art canvases were ready to take home and the Blake's were so excited to hang them up, they sent me this photo just a few hours later!

If you would love to enjoy a fun, relaxed family photoshoot like this in the private studio gardens, contact Natarsha here for upcoming dates.

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