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Baby Evelyn and The Big Proposal - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I think it is fair to say that this lovely family are on a bit of a winning streak this year!

Gorgeous mum-to-be Ella was the lucky winner of my Easter giveaway competition, and just a week after beautiful baby Evelyn was born, she and partner Christian also won a $20k round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring from Xennox Diamonds on local radio station Hit 105! In fact the ring was shot into space in a rocket before Christian knelt to one knee asking Ella to marry him in the "Out of this World Proposal".

Check out the video of their proposal here:

So to document this incredibly special memory for the family of how Evelyn's mum and dad got engaged when she was just one week old, I created this artistic story image for them. A contemporary portrait of their family of 3, nestled inside the unity of the engagement ring with the stars across the top indicating the ring's journey to space.

Of course their gallery also contains loads of classic portraits as well, starting with one of the most gorgeous maternity sessions you ever saw!

One of the things I love to include in newborn photoshoots is personal items, and baby Evelyn had a gorgeous hand-knitted blanket from her Nanna, it was just perfect for her!

Her Nanna even came to the photoshoot which meant we were able to photograph a stunning 3 generation photo. Of all the photos that I take, the generation image is one of my absolute favourites.

I know that when I look back through my own baby photos, its the photos of my parents and grandparents looking so young and vibrant that I love the most. Time moves at such a startling pace, these fine art prints become some of the most treasured items in any home, almost like a time machine to revisit memories otherwise lost.

The family loves soft greys and rosy pinks so we used those tones to style the entire session. From simple sleepy photos to more detailed setups, we included a wide range of photos.

While she slept soundly through most of the photoshoot, at one point little Evelyn woke up and we were lucky enough to capture some of her cute little personality as she gave a full range of expressions and hand gestures.

It was such a delightful morning photographing and by the end of the session I felt like I was just hanging out with good friends. Christian and Ella, all the best for the upcoming wedding, I have a sneaky suspicion I know who the flower girl might be!

Contact Natarsha here for more information on booking your own newborn photoshoot with free maternity session

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