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Cheetham Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Little Ethan was the epitome of your cute sitter baby with the chubby cheeks, floaty blonde hair and soft little feet that have yet to walk on the soles.

His bright blue eyes sparkled with excitement about playing with his mum, he loved the snuggles and even giggled and squealed with delight as he was lifted high into the air above his dad's head.

This gorgeous family were so obviously in love with their little man, and he adores them as you can see.

Since Ethan was 6 months old at his photoshoot, sitting was a new skill he was only just learning, which meant he would quite happily sit still and smile with pride, or sometimes concentrate a little more to stay upright.

I brought my wooden bed out to the garden and set up a cute photo for Ethan with his favourite toy monkey. The bonnet and the suspenders and those eyes and those cheeks... it was all just so perfect! We photographers aren't meant to have favourites but I really do love this image so much that I have printed it for one of my product samples so that I can enjoy it every day in the studio as well.

Since Ethan was rocking the prop sets so well, we moved him to the classic "Baby in a Basket" set, and monkey came along too. Ethan held on to the basket a little bit and loved giggling at his dad being silly!

His bright blue eyes were the star of the day and the last photo showed them off incredibly as he was sat on a multicoloured blanket that framed his sweet little face perfectly.

It was one of the family's favourite photos and was chosen as the main image in their wall art - a 20x20 inch framed fine art print to hang in their home.

Contact Natarsha here for more information on booking your own family photoshoot in the studio gardens.

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