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After the Two Week Window - Newborn Photographer Brisbane

If you have done some research on "Newborn Photographer Brisbane" you might have noticed a theme that we photographers recommend scheduling your newborn photos within 1-2 weeks of birth.

The reason we say this is that after two weeks of age, babies tend to wake up a little more, become more alert to the world around them and want to keep an eye on things a bit more.

And for whatever reason, sometimes that first two weeks just doesn't happen. Maybe your recovery wasn't as quick as expected. Perhaps you didn't think you wanted photos, but now you do. Sometimes it can be hard working with a partners work schedule if they don't have paternity leave.

But I am here to let you know it is OK.

These are photos. These are a documentation of a time in your life and we will create timeless, beautiful portraiture for you whatever age your baby is.

All this means is that we change the workflow a little bit. Instead of the "naked sleeping on beanbag" photos that newborn photoshoots are renowned for, we capture more awake, connected photos of your baby instead.

In saying that... I have found some 1-2 week old newborns don't make it through these photos anyway, while some 3-4 week old babies do!

I find that babies over 2 weeks old still enjoy being wrapped just as well and often sleep through some of the session still, as a snuggly wrap and a full tummy is pretty hard to beat for any age - check the couch after Christmas lunch for example!

Older babies are also great at connecting with their parents in the photos. When babies are born, they can only see a very small distance and only high contrast, which is why they tend to stare at windows or TV screens. After a few more weeks, their eyes develop further and they can make out their parents faces.

Speaking of faces, older babies make some cracker expressions! They are starting to test out all the muscles from frowning to smiling and every expression in between, making for some super cute and funny portraits.

As babies grow they also get used to their arms and legs being unwrapped, meaning that while they might not sleep through naked photos, they are more content with wearing a jumpsuit or just a nappy. We can capture some lovely natural movements as they have better control of their arms and legs and aren't "confused" by their limbs any more.

So even if you have missed the ever-talked-about "2 week window" for your newborn photos, please still get in touch!

Babies are adorable at any age and I love to photograph them all!

to schedule your photoshoot with a baby of any age

Newborn Photographer Brisbane

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