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30 Cute Outtakes - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Sometimes things go wrong in the absolutely best way possible!

You know that saying "Never work with children or animals"? Yeah. I can kinda vouch for it.

As a Brisbane family photographer, I am always keeping alert for those extra special family moments, the bits that happen in between the perfect smiles and styled sessions. The real life stuff. The fun stuff!

So here are a few of my favourite candid moments from the past few years, out takes, funny faces, silly bits and cute overload!

The funny moments happen across all types of sessions, from family photoshoots, newborn photoshoots and of course maternity photoshoots - in fact some of my personal favourites are from the maternity sessions.

So lets build up to maternity, and start with some family sessions. Family photoshoots usually go pretty smooth, everyone knows what they are doing, theres usually no nudity meaning the chances of accidents are fairly low. Usually. Anyway, what I am getting at is that most of the time, things go pretty smoothly. Most of the time.

Except for when they don't.

So back to that saying about "Never work with children or animals." I love both children and animals, so despite that sage advice, handed down from the "Old Wives" over many, many years, we just go ahead and photograph both children and animals. In fact, quite often in family photoshoots, I photograph them together at the same time.

Here is a great example of both animal and child working as a team to bring hilarity to an otherwise lovely family photo. As much as their parents were on point for this shot, it almost feels like puppy Venus is acting the clown and newborn Scarlett got lost in a giggling fit!

I love this though, because you could not plan that photo if you tried. Its one of those special candid moments that just happens naturally and if you are ready and open to it, then you have the chance to capture it. A golden moment in time. And yes, they love this photo too!

What is an outtakes compilation without at least one photobomb? Its an incomplete compilation. So I present, my favourite photobomb by 5 year old Kalani:

How cute is that? All set up for a lovely photo of her little brother Ryder and dad, and then the "big sister" gene kicks in automatically causing her to leap into the photo with a crazy face! I was so focussed on the boys that I never even noticed her climbing onto a step to do this, but I do love the result!

Its not just older children that love to create the chaos at a photoshoot, one year old Hamish made sure his parents knew who the star of the photoshoot was!

He was supposed to be laying down on the ground with his parents and looking up to me, but he had other plans. Plans that involved face-palming his parents so that his was the only cute little face in the photo.

Kids love to dance, so I totally encourage it at family photoshoots. Except for the dab. The dab is as welcome as the Baby Shark song. To be brought out sparingly and only in emergencies. Elija didn't know this rule however, and after a quick floss, he sat on the ground and busted out this cracker of a dab!

The next bunch of photos is more in the "cute when sad" genre. My general rule with family photoshoots is that they last one hour or until the first member gets over it. Sometimes that person is one of the kids, sometimes that person is a dad. I think it's fair to say that Declan had reached that point here.

And then theres the moments like this where everyone calls it a day at the same time... I would like to clarity that in reality, big sister was sympathy crying because she didn't like when her baby sister was crying.

The next sub-genre of the Family photos is the "Accidentally naughty" section.

Here, we have Claire and young Toby, who uses his middle finger to point at things instead of his pointer finger. He genuinely does not know what this means in the adult world, but you can almost guarantee this photo will be shared at his 21st!

At first glance this next one looks like a gorgeous family photo of a mum and her boys. In fact, I nearly missed this outtake, but if you look a little longer, you will see it.

Yes thats a little brother bending the ear of his kind big brother, and their mum not realising and trying to bring big brother back in for a cuddle. The big brother was so sweet about it, you can see he's not bothered, and I love how cheeky that little brother is!

To finish off the family sessions, this one is a cracker. You might need to look at it for a minute before you see it, but once you see it.....

Yes, it appears as though the lady at the front is sitting in a very awkward position! However on closer inspection you will see that what looks like her left knee, is in fact her partners knee. To save this from looking so awkward on the wall, I darkened down the mans pants so that it was obviously not her leg!

Alright, lets get to some of my favourites - the Maternity outtakes!

You would think the maternity sessions would be fairly smooth sailing, but I can assure you, that is not always the case.

For starters, I love how some of the dads-to-be will give me an exaggerated "pregnant lady pose" when testing out spots for lighting and composition!

They have the full pose and facial expressions down pat don't they!

Ok this next one is a personal favourite that I find myself giggling at every. Single. Time.

This image came about from a prompt I give couples to look lovey dovey. I have a few different things I can say or direct couples to get a sweet photo. It is a prompt that I tried out this one time. And never again. Im sure you can guess why.

This prompt was: "Kiss with your teeth".

It's supposed to look smiley, connected and sweet.

Instead, it looked like this:

Literally giggling still.

But kisses can go awry in many ways, and not just weird nose-eating-adult kisses, but with kids too.

Here is how not to kiss your new baby brother. Although many she's onto something. He probably felt this kiss on the inside.

And the dress toss photos often get some great moments of dad's running out of the shot, however this one in particular keeps me giggling too. Is it just me or does it look like he is sniffing the gown?

Here, you can see that Eliza is not bothered in the slightest about the fact that Adrian is busting out the Thriller dance in the middle of her maternity photoshoot.

Note: The Thriller dance is allowed, in fact it is encouraged.

Now, these funny dad photos are always edited for final delivery, but I do have a giggle at some of the "running away" moments, or moments where dresses are thrown *at* mums-to-be and not just fluttered in the breeze behind her.

Here is a video of how The Great Dress Flop happened:

Well, with the family photos and the maternity photos all rounded up, it must be time for the newborn out takes!

Now, you might be expecting some poo or wee related photos in here, and while I am sure I have them captured, I don't have any in this compilation. These days I actually photograph most of the photoshoot with newborn babies fully wrapped, so there is not the chance for accidents to happen.

But I do have lots of cute moments occur during the newborn photoshoots, so you might need to steel yourself because while some of these are super funny, some of these are also super cute!

Older siblings. It can be tough welcoming a new baby bother or sister and having to now share your parents attention with a little bitty baby. While some siblings are pumped about their new baby, others can be less enthusiastic about the changes they are going through. I find siblings often want to be in the photo the moment they realise that they are not required for this one.

As demonstrated here:

.... and here......

......... and here ...........

I actually love the little toast and little pink camera peeking into the family photos!

Of course we capture photos with all the family together, but I also like to document a photo of mum and dad with just their newest little one as well.

Now everyone loves a behind the scenes shot of just how crazy it can be to get the settled baby photos, and here is an oldie but a goodie of three adults working to settle a newborn baby into a sleep for a photo of them naked on dads arms.

Sucking, swaying, swaddled and smiling, once your little one is calm and settled the photoshoot continues. But it can take some time to get there.

Behind the scenes photos are actually something I love to include for families that come for photography sessions, because for me a photoshoot is not just about the perfect photos on the wall, but also remember the experience and the real-life moments like this.

To finish this countdown of cute, we have The Faces.

Newborns have so many cute facial expressions as they test out their new bodies. What is awesome about newborn expressions is that they are totally out of the control of the babies. All newborn expressions are created and captured by chance. So these gorgeous little moments in time are particularly special to both their families and to me!

Wary faces!

"What the?" faces!

Crinkle faces!

"Over it" faces!

And of course - cute faces!

So there you have them - my top 30+ cute and hilarious out-take moments from the past few years. I am forever updating this folder and cant wait to share some new photos next time around. If your family is imperfect and fun then get in touch because we just might capture some comedy gold like this for you too!

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