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Contact-free Photo Shoots - Family Photographer Brisbane

One of the biggest things I love as a North Brisbane Family Photographer is greeting families with a big smile, solid handshake or hug if you're a hugger.

As at the time of writing this post (9 May 2020) the Australian and Queensland Governments are welcoming businesses to return to work so long as social distancing and virus transmission prevention routines are in place, such as using hand sanitiser and keeping 1.5m distance from each other where possible.

One of the unique things about Family Photography by Natarsha March is that we have 1.7 acres of private gardens right on site to host your family photo shoot outdoors, in a beautiful, secluded and quiet location.

Before the Shoot

A few days before you scheduled photo day, we will have a chat on the phone to discuss the usual things such as outfits, weather, what kind of product you would like to photograph for and any other session-related topics.

This is the perfect time to also discuss if you have had any contact with someone or if you or a member of your family has had the COVID-19 virus and any other relevant information around it.

The Photo Shoot

A wave, a smile and a warm welcome are all waiting for you at the studio! Just not a handshake or a hug - for now anyway.

As families who have been through the studio before will know, I actually prefer using my long-distance lenses as they create the most beautiful soft backgrounds behind your portraits.

While I might use some shorter lenses occasionally, it is entirely possible to do a photoshoot without ever coming within 1.5 metres of your personal space - and still get gorgeous memories like these below!

The standard practice:

Warm welcomes, preview your preferred print product samples before the shoot, enjoy a fun family time out in the studio gardens.

Standard Changes:

* No physical greetings, just smiles and waves.

* No groups larger than 10 members at a photoshoot

* Physical contact is minimised or sessions conducted contact-free

* Hand-washing and hand sanitiser is a big part of standard sessions

An optional new practice:

You are welcome to stand at a distance and preview the print product samples on the walls from the doorway. If you would like to handle anything, I have hand sanitiser in the studio to clean your hands after touching the samples.

The Viewing and Ordering Session

The standard practice:

For family photoshoots is to go through your images on the projector right after the photoshoot.

Standard Changes:

* No physical greetings, just smiles and waves.

* In the past I have offered food and drinks at this session, but to reduce any chance of virus-sharing, these are on hold until further notice.

An optional new practice:

We can schedule a video call over Zoom to go through your photos and design your print products together online from your own home.

Funny fact:

A Corona beer was my studio staple.

I might sound odd offering you a Corona now!

Print Product Delivery

The standard practice:

Your fine art print products are delivered to Family Photography by Natarsha March. Once they are checked over for perfection you are contacted to arrange a suitable collection time.

Standard Changes:

* No physical greetings, just smiles and waves

* Delivery boxes are sprayed with Glen 20 anti-viral spray on arrival

An optional new practice:

We can arrange for the print products to be sent to your home to minimise your travel and product handling.

And that's all there is to it! So you can still enjoy a wonderful family outing celebrating love and connection without making physical contact with any one else.

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