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Babies of All Ages - Newborn Photographer Brisbane

With newborn sessions on hold due to social distancing and required self isolation, it seemed a great time to share some examples of what your "newborn photoshoot" images will look like when the studio re-opens.

All baby ages are a guide only, some babies arrive early and so they are sleepy for more than two weeks, some babies are very alert from day one and might not snooze at a 2 week old session at all.

They are little humans, every single baby is unique and has a strong personality already. They know what they like and what they don't and as such, they lead a photoshoot every time.

NOTE: The images in these weekly age groups are examples only, the babies in the examples are not necessarily the exact age stated, but the images of each age are indicative of what we would capture at that age.


2 Weeks Old

Sleepy and curly, the classic "Newborn Photos" are scheduled around 2 weeks old while babies are still in hibernation mode after birth. The session is most wrapped with a few un-wrapped photos towards the end of the shoot.


3 Weeks Old

This is the age that babies start to wake up. Sometimes they will still be sleepy, especially if wrapped (and we do usually wrap most of the session still at this age) but you will likely get some more awake photos at this age as well.


4 Weeks Old (One Month!)

Similar to the 3 week old sessions, but babies are just a little bigger. Most babies will sleep for a bit and be awake for a bit. They will still enjoy being wrapped - although the bundles are starting to get bigger!


5 Weeks Old

Babies of this age are starting to prefer to have their arms out and be unwrapped. They are starting to focus their eyes on parents and my big black camera. The sessions are getting less posed and more simple, connection focused images.


6 Weeks Old

Smiles!! Smiles start coming out at this age, for me and for parents. This is also the age that a lot of babies experience a hormone rush and baby acne can start to appear. This is not an issue for a photoshoot as skin cleanup is a normal part of portrait photography.


7 Weeks Old

Simple, smiley and connected. These would be the words I use too describe a session at around 7 weeks old.


8 Weeks Old (Two Months!)

You can see how babies are getting bigger each week right? It is incredible how fast they grow. Documenting this age and growth is a really important part of your family history, so dont let this opportunity pass by because they are no longer "newborn" size.


9 Weeks Old

The older they get, the less likely to sleep, but the more likely to smile. This age is all bout cute, simple portraits and documenting any new skills such as tummy time.


10 Weeks Old

Cute little outfits are replacing the wraps int sessions around this age. I have a collection of outfits int he studio and you are welcome to bring your own favourites as well.


11 Weeks Old

Big smiles, cute clothes, tummy time all combine for super cute family portraits! Can you imagine missing out on photos like this simply because they weren't the "right age"? This is a perfect example of why there is no "perfect age" for a baby photoshoot.


12 Weeks Old (Three Months!)

This is an example of an outdoor photoshoot where we can keep a safe distance between us the entire time. This is just outside the studio in the studio gardens. Once the studio re-opens, these are the kinds of photoshoots we will be doing with babies from 2 months old and up until the indoor studio is able to re-open.


So you can see that while the studio is not able to capture images at this time, it doesn't matter if your little one is a few weeks older. The important thing is to document their new-ness when you can. It's still going to be freaking cute no matter what!

I am missing the babies coming through, so please do keep in contact via the community posts on Facebook.

By the way, you can reserve a free spot on the waitlist to be contacted when the studio re-opens - just contact Natarsha here.

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