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As one of the last families I photographed before the "stay home order" (AKA lockdown but not called that) this family session is one I want to share as soon as possible to show how a social distanced photoshoot doesn't actually look much different to a non-social-distanced photoshoot.

This session was to celebrate the arrival of little Matias, one of the cutest little men you will lay your eyes on today!

Matias had arrived quite early and so it wasn't until he was around 3 months old that the family were ready to schedule their photos in, and by the time their session came around, the social distancing rule were in place.

So we held their session all outside in the private studio gardens, keeping at least 1.5 meters apart the whole time.

My favourite lens for family photos is a 200mm, which is a really big lens which requires me to be some distance away. In fact, I think it might be around 8-10 metres away for results like these!

The reason I love this lens is that it makes the background all soft and blurry, while the subjects remain in sharp focus, the results speak for themselves!

10 year old Amelia was not shy of the camera at all, she loved trying different angles and smiles for her single portraits, but the most favourite photos on the day were the natural moments of her just being... her.

Matias loved the camera as well, just look at those beautiful blue eyes! While he was not quite up for tummy time at the photoshoot, he was very content snuggling on Dad's shoulder and laying on his back. I have to say, he was quite dapper in his little bow tie and suspenders set too!

Everyone got to have a snuggle photo with Matias, since this was a photoshoot celebrating his joining the family after all.

So you can see, a social distanced photoshoot really doesn't look much different to a normal photoshoot before distancing was a part of our lives.

There is one little catch with these photoshoots, and that is that these are obviously weather dependant. Thankfully, Brisbane hits its strides in winter delivering up day after day of glorious sunshine and stunning sunsets - winter photoshoots are actually my preference over summer sessions! Theres a whole other blog on that here.

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