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Baby Stella - Baby Photographer Brisbane

With photoshoots back in the diary it was so lovely to see one of the first families who were postponed able to return for their baby photoshoot!

Stella is now two months old, meaning her photoshoot is more about her cute smiles and different faces, capturing her adorable little personality as it is growing.

With a beautiful May day, we started this session in the garden, in fact we were photographing in the exact same spot that her maternity photos were taken nearly 3 months ago!

How much has changed since then!

Stella was very happy to snuggle into her dads arms, even drifting off to sleep for a few short moments while there!

She has some loving smiles for her mum as well, not surprising when you can see just how much this family is glowing with love!

For her single portraits outside we kept it really simple, and Stella loved it! Laying on a colourful blanket smiling up at her parents, she couldn't have been happier. I mean, check out this adorable big grin!!

My beautiful egg chair came out next and Stella approved of this also, happily gurgling and clucking away comfortable and content here.

To finish the session we popped into the studio for some more formal portraits. Inside, I put on my face mask to keep an extra level of safety in the studio space these days.

Stella was very happy about the change of scenery and we captured this aboslutely gorgeous family photo, a popular image at newborn sessions and still very much on the cards for baby photoshoots too!

With a few simple props we added a flourish of pink to her gallery, and I would have to say that pink brings out her beautiful eyes even more!

Her mum had a really cute blue tutu dress for her to wear home so we captured a few cute photos of that outfit as well, including some close up photos of her little hand, toes and tutu-frills in dads arms. These photos just make me melt!

Before you knew it, we were done and Stella was fast asleep in her dads arms after a milky top up!

It was so lovely to be back behind the camera, photographing new families and their beaming love for their new baby again!

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